Justin Vernon Loves A New ‘Screwed And Chopped’ Version Of A Bon Iver Song

For those unfamiliar, the “chopped and screwed” genre involves remixing an existing song by slowing it down and deejaying. Now, a Bon Iver song, 2020’s “PDLIF,” has gotten that treatment by The Drobitussin and it turns out Justin Vernon is a fan of the rework.

Responding to Drobitussin’s tweet about the song, Vernon wrote from his personal account, “Yo this is so so sick appreciate you.”

As is the case with most “chopped and screwed” songs, the tempo is noticeably lower here, meaning the song is stretched out to over ten minutes long. Vernon’s warped vocals actually sound at home in this context, as he frequently puts some sort of effect on his voice anyway.

Bon Iver initially shared the song in April 2020 and gave proceeds to humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief, to support healthcare workers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The song includes contributions from Jim-E Stack, BJ Burton, Kacy Hill, Rob Moose, and Michael Lewis, and Bon Iver noted at the time, “It proves that, though apart, we’re never alone; the importance of collaboration/community is as strong as ever.”

Check out the “Screwed And Chopped” version of “PDLIF” above and listen to the original version below.