Buck Meek Drops The Delightful Alt-Country Single ‘Candle,’ Which Adrianne Lenker Co-Wrote

When the members of Big Thief aren’t doing Big Thief things, they tend to stay busy with their own solo endeavors. Adrianne Lenker made two lovely albums in quarantine last year, Songs and Instrumentals. Meanwhile, bandmate Buck Meek has a new solo project of his own quickly on the way. He released a self-titled album in 2018, and its follow-up, Two Saviors, is coming out on January 15. He has offered a couple previews of it so far — “Pareidolia” and “Second Sight” — and he returns with another today, “Candle.”

The track is a mid-tempo alt-country tune on which his languid vocals sound contentedly at home. He also shared a simple video for the track, which shows the song being recorded at home. Meek co-wrote the track with Lenker (who also took the photo that became the Two Saviors album art).

Meek released a statement alongside the track, which closely echoes the song’s lyrics, saying, “I was making my escape, when the siren’s song caught me a mile up the road. My nose started bleeding by the second note, so I lit a candle to keep moving. I may have died and woke in heaven’s motel, with a telephone seashell at the bedside. It rang in waves and waves spoke, and waves heard through me.”

Watch the “Candle” video above.

Two Saviors is out 1/15 via Keeled Scales. Pre-order it here.