Chai Prove Their Friendship Will Last Generations In Their Whimsical ‘Donuts Mind If I Do’ Video

Japanese quartet Chai have already garnered quite the following. Their sophomore album Punk soared to success in the US and afforded the group the opportunity to play festivals like last year’s Pitchfork. Now, Chai announce an exciting record deal with infamous indie label Sub Pop and share their whimsical “Donuts Mind If I Do” video.

The “Donuts Mind If I Do” video, directed by Hideto Hotta, show the women dining together against stunningly-scenic backdrops. The four women relax and enjoy donuts, proving their friendship will span generations as the visual cuts to show Chai as aging adults.

In a statement, director Hotta explained the concept behind the visual:

“In order for various concepts of society, societal structures to have been built up and exist today, there had to be changes to those concepts, to those structures in every era to continue to lead to the next society…with that said, in this music video we explore the Chai you know today, and then Chai as elderly women. On an all-white table cloth, eating donuts, sits Chai. They can even sip on the tea in the teapot if they’d like! Ultimately time passes, and the elderly Chai is still there, enjoying their last supper in the middle of the meadow, white-table cloth and all eating their donuts. Chai changes physically, but one thing that does stand still is them living in their truth. If finding true happiness is one of the goals the human race is constantly in search of, then conveying this in this visual, spreading what happiness means to Chai, to me, is something I feel is important in us living in our truths.”

Watch Chai’s “Donuts Mind If I Do” video above.