Daft Punk Revisit Their Classic ‘Around The World’ Video By Sharing The Original Storyboards

“Around The World” was a huge moment for Daft Punk. It was one of only three singles of theirs to chart on the Hot 100 (“One More Time” and “Get Lucky” are the other two) and it’s the most memorable track from 1997’s Homework, the debut album that started it all for the legendary electronic duo. While they disbanded in 2021, somebody on their team is maintaining an online presence for the group, as they went ahead and shared the original storyboards for the “Around The World” video today.

Michel Gondry directed the characteristically unusual clip, which features a number of people in strange costumes dancing and walking up and down stairs on a small stage set. The storyboards, shared as a slideshow video today, offer a behind-the-scenes look at how this odd video was envisioned in the planning stages and is a real treat for hardcore Daft Punk fans.

Of course, serious fans have probably already seen this, as the video was originally shared on the 1997 DVD release of D.A.F.T.. Now, though, a new crop of fans, whether they’re younger or just didn’t have the D.A.F.T. DVD, have the chance to take a look back at Daft Punk’s early days.

Watch the “Around The World” storyboard video above and revisit the song’s video below.