The Music World Reacts To Daft Punk’s Surprise Break-Up

This morning, the music world was met with the unexpected news of Daft Punk’s break-up. The duo was a monumentally influential force in electronic music and beyond, so there has been a massive outpouring of appreciation for the group from their peers today.

Porter Robinson wrote, “thinking about how every stage of my life would have gone so differently if it weren’t for Daft Punk.” He then added, “thinking about being 11 and exploring limewire, searching ‘daft punk music videos’ and seeing interstella 5555 piece by piece. seeing that fusion of electronic music and anime for the very first time . haahhhhhhghj damn i am crying”

Strand Of Oaks (aka Timothy Showalter) noted of the duo’s influence on him, “For a young kid with an inexplicable love of synths and dance music in rural Indiana Daft Punk changed absolutely everything for me.”

Tokimonsta hopes this is all a joke, tweeting, “[crying emoji] i hope daft punk is playing us all and makes an epic come back.”

Meanwhile, some other folks are dealing with the pain through humor. Journalist Josh Terry wrote, “daft punk not doing their job for eight years and then announcing they quit is aspirational.” Writer Charles Soule also noted, “In a shocking twist, the band that wore masks for thirty years doesn’t make it through the pandemic.” Elsewhere, journalist Josiah Hughes suggested that The Chainsmokers don the Daft Punk helmets and continue the legacy.

Check out some more reactions below.