Darkside Go Back In The Archives And Release A Live EP Of A Newly Uncovered 2014 Concert

Darkside, the short-lived collaborative project between musicians Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington, parted ways to focus on other projects following their 2013 debut record Psychic. Before they disbanded, Darkside toured behind the record until 2014. They made stops in North America and Europe, with one of their last-ever shows being their set at Belgium’s Dour Festival in 2014. Recently, the group came across a recording of that performance, and Darkside has now turned it into a live album.

Titled Psychic Live July 17 2014, the live album consists of six tracks and concludes with their Psychic album opener “Golden Arrow.” Announcing the unearthed live record, Darkside wrote on Twitter, “Earlier this year we found a recording of one of our last live shows from 2014. It was recorded by our longtime live engineer V. Galloway and has been mixed and mastered by R. Becker. We’ve put it up for free on Bandcamp & wherever you like to stream music.”

Jaar and Harrington formed the project after they met while attending Brown University. Their first release was in the form of a self-titled EP, which they debuted in November 2011 after honing their sound together as musicians. Later, the duo briefly re-named their duo Daftside to remix Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories in full.

Listen to Psychic Live July 17 2014 below.