Dry Cleaning Delivered The Most Perfectly Impassive Performance Of ‘Hot Penny Day’ On ‘Fallon’

English post-punk band Dry Cleaning is quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts to watch. Since breaking into music in 2017, the group — comprised of vocalist Florence Shaw, guitarist Tom Dowse, bassist Lewis Maynard, and drummer Nick Buxton — displayed all the signature elements of rock throughout their musical releases, including their latest album, 2022’s Stumpwork.

However, there’s one distinctive twist that sets them apart — Florence’s unique vocal delivery. Instead of the standard high-energy vocal belt heard through the genre, Florence has opted for a much more delicate approach. The band stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to display their talents with an exceptional in-studio performance. With a handful of singles to choose from on the album, including “Don’t Press Me,” “Anna Calls From The Arctic,” and “Gary Ashby,” the South Londoners choose to perform “Hot Penny Day.”

Florence nearly emotionlessly sings the introspective song, but this creative choice works so well due to the steep contrast between the song’s lyrics and her vocal cadence. Contrarily, her bandmates go full-on punk in the background with overly facial expressions and grandiose full-body physical jesters.

Watch the full “Hot Penny Day” performance above.

Stumpwork is out now via 4AD. Get it here.