The FBI Released Its File On Kurt Cobain And It Includes Conspiracy Theories About His Death

Since the day it happened, Kurt Cobain’s death has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories, so much so that documentaries have been made about them. Now it has been revealed that some of these theories were officially acknowledged by the FBI: Recently, the Bureau shared its file on the Nirvana leader. As Rolling Stone points out, the file was quietly shared online in April, without comment from the FBI.

The file is only ten pages long and the main features are letters about Cobain’s death that were sent to the FBI, as well as the Bureau’s responses. The response letters are nearly identical in their phrasing, and one reads:

“We appreciate your concern that Mr. Cobain may have been the victim of a homicide. However, most homicide investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state or local authorities. In order for the FBI to initiate an investigation of any complaint we receive, specific facts must be present to indicate that a violation of federal law within our investigative jurisdiction has occurred. Based on the limited information you provided, we are unable to identify any violation of federal law within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI. We are, therefore, unable to take any investigative action in this case.”

The Cobain FBI file can be found here.