Fontaines DC Spies On Their Neighbors In Their ‘The Couple Across The Way’ Video

Fontaines DC has shared the video for “The Couple Across The Way,” the latest single from their album, Skinty Fia. In the video, directed by Polocho, Fontaines DC’s lead vocalist Grian Chatten sits in a windowsill playing the accordion. As he plays, he can’t help but spy on literal couples across the way.

In the beginning, Chatten witnesses an older couple arguing. Later in the video, he sees a younger, loving couple embracing each other in what seems to be their first place together.

Chatten revealed that the concept for the video was inspired by true events he witnessed with his girlfriend in their home.

“I was living in a tiny little flat in North London with my girlfriend and there was this Hitchcock-esque view of an elderly couple across from us,” said Chatten in a statement. “They had these blazing arguments that sent pigeons flying around, and after each one the man in the couple would come out onto this little balcony he had and just breathe for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t help but imagine it as a reflection of myself and my girlfriend in years to come, and ourselves as a reflection of a younger, happier version of them.”

Check out the video for “The Couple Across The Way” above.