Foo Fighters And Some Muppets Perform ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’ For The Revival Series

The original Fraggle Rock TV series premiered back in 1983. Fast-forward a few decades to last month, when the Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock reboot premiered on Apple TV+. The show got some big names involved with the soundtrack, most notably Foo Fighters, who performed a rendition of “Fraggle Rock Rock” for it.

The band appears as themselves on the show, on Episode 112 (“Into the Trash”), and now that clip has been shared. In it, the band, joined by Fraggle Rock, performs the song, although there’s a bit of tension as the two groups compete for attention throughout the song.

Along with Foo Fighters, the soundtrack also features contributions from Ed Helms, Kenan Thompson, Patti LaBelle, Cynthia Erivo, and Daveed Diggs.

This could be seen as a bit of a teaser for Foo Fighters’ next big-screen moment, as their new movie, Studio 666, is set to hit theaters on February 25. They shared a trailer for the film a month ago, and in it, Dave Grohl becomes possessed by an evil spirit, which has its benefits and drawbacks.

Watch Foo Fighters and Fraggle Rock perform “Fraggle Rock Rock” above.

Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock is out now via Lakeshore Records. Get it here.