Future Islands Preview ‘As Long As You Are’ With The Reflective ‘Moonlight’

Future Islands have a new album, As Long As You Are, on the way in October. Ahead of then, they offer another preview of the upcoming effort: “Moonlight.”

The video for the reflective track, which stars Criminal Minds‘ Matthew Gray Gubler and La La Land‘s Callie Hernandez, depicts a couple having a hard time in their relationship. The video flashes between times they’ve spent together and them in a crumbling motel room in present day. This aligns with what Samuel T. Herring says of the track:

“‘Moonlight’ is a song about love in a depressive state. It’s about recognizing the holes in ourselves and recognizing the circular whole of others. ‘Moonlight’ is about acceptance because that’s what love allows us all. ‘I couldn’t see, I had a cloud in my arms, but if I asked you would you say, ‘It’s only rain, nothing more.””

Herring also recently told Uproxx of As Long As You Are, “This one was really about us capturing our vision and how we heard things and taking the time to do that. The Far Field was just so rushed that we didn’t want to have that happen again, that there was a deadline that decided when the album was done. We wanted to decide when the album was done.”

Watch the “Moonlight” video above, and check out our recent interview with Future Islands here.

As Long As You Are is out 10/9 via 4AD. Get it here.