The Gaslight Anthem Is Now Streaming A Secret Show They Had In New Jersey

Ahead of their upcoming reunion tour, The Gaslight Anthem played a surprise show at Crossroads, a live music venue in Garwood, New Jersey. This marked their first show as a group in over four years.

Before the band took the stage, fans believed they were seeing the last of lead vocalist Brian Fallon’s three-night solo shows. Over 200 fans were surprised to see The Gaslight Anthem as they performed several fan favorites, including, “Howl,” “Mullholand Drive,” and “American Slang.” The band also played a cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”

Earlier this year, Fallon spoke with Uproxx about The Gaslight Anthem’s upcoming tour, coming back from a hiatus, and potentially recording a new album after tour.

“I’ve always been like a fan of writing more than you need,” said Fallon. “So, right now I’ve got maybe five or six songs, and I would want to have 30 to pick through and make sure that we’re actually good. The shows will come first, and then hopefully by the end of the year the record will be written to the point where we could pick 11 or 12 songs and then record. So, that would be early next year, early spring.”

You can stream The Gaslight Anthem’s surprise show here.