Indiecast Names The Most Overlooked Albums Of 2022

Now that Indiecast has decided the most annoying music Twitter story and the most 2022 album of 2022, hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen get (a bit) more earnest about their favorite music of the year. This week’s Indiecast episode as Steve and Ian name the five albums they think deserved more media attention in 2022 (hint: one of them had an entire Indiecast episode dedicated to it).

This week’s episode also includes a brief TVcast segment where Steve and Ian share their thoughts on The White Lotus‘ near-ubiquitous internet takeover and the state of prestige TV in general. Plus, Indiecast answers a mailbag question about year-end music lists. Why does every major publication release its best-of list in November or December? It sometimes leads to big albums being left off, like Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Read or SZA’s latest album, which dropped a week after most publications had finalized their lists.

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