Indiecast Digs Through The Many Live Albums Of 2020

Something we can all agree upon is that it’s been far too long since we’ve heard live music in person. In 2020, recordings of live shows feel more relevant than ever, with the roar of a crowd imbuing nostalgia for a simpler time. This is the central focus of the new episode of Indiecast, which finds Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen digging in to the swath of live albums that are on the docket for the remainder of the year, including forthcoming releases from The War On Drugs, Arctic Monkeys, and The Postal Service.

2020 has forced artists to get creative in how they connect with fans, and are utilizing live streams and live albums to remind music lovers of why shows are such a vital part of their lives. Sometimes, these live albums offers listeners a glimpse at exciting alternate versions of the songs they know and love, with improvised sections, different arrangements, and elongated instrumental sections. Other times, they just feel like relics of a lost art.

In this week’s Recommendation Corner, Cohen is endorsing Summer Sleeping, the new EP from Indiana quartet Thunder Dreamer. Hyden is advocating for the new Ganser album, Just Look At That Sky, which he believes is being slept on by most.

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Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. .