Indiecast Does Their Q3 Fantasy Album Draft

Steven and Ian are true patriots, and they pay tribute to the ol’ U.S. of A at the start of this week’s episode by picking some of their favorite patio music albums of 2024 so far, as well as their picks for the greatest patio album of all time. This is the music you’ll want to rock at your July 4th weekend gathering. From there, they do a quick TVcast about the controversial third season of The Bear, which Steven defends and Ian mostly dismisses. Then they get into their latest Fantasy Albums Draft, which draws on upcoming releases from July to September. Can Steven finally win one of these, or will Ian take his fourth consecutive title?

In the mailbag, they address a listener question about Hate To Love, a new Netflix documentary about Nickelback, and they also give their yay-or-nay verdicts on the polarizing post-grunge band.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian goes for the singer-songwriter project Growing Stone while Steven stumps for the Minneapolis rock band Ahem.

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