Ingrid Andress Finds Parallels Between Life And Custom Clothes In ‘On Repeat’

Throughout her career, Ingrid Andress has put in the work, from studying at Berklee to making appearances on The Sing-Off to collaborating behind the scenes with folks like Alicia Keys, Sam Hunt, and Charli XCX. This level of effort remains true with her fashion choices as well, as she proves on a new episode of On Repeat, presented by Uproxx and Straight Talk.

In the video, Andress starts with a stark white sweatsuit, dye, and patches before combining those elements to make a stylish outfit that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The country star explained that blazing her own fashion trail is a practice that goes back to her childhood, saying, “I had a lot of siblings growing up. Sometimes, my mom would buy us all similar outfits and I was like, ‘That’s not for me.’ I would definitely go out of my way to try to make something that would make me stand out… which is probably why I became a musician.”

Through the process, she also found a connection between tie-dying some clothes and navigating the world: “Not having a plan is okay sometimes, and just making it up as you go is kind of the beauty of life.”

As Andress puts her outfit together, she also offers some insights about her life and career, so check all that out in the video above.

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