Japanese Breakfast Was Elated To Discover Her Book Was Used As A ‘Jeopardy’ Answer: I’m Dead!!!!!!!’

Japanese Breakfast can add another incredible feat to her resume. Over the past two years, Jbrekkie has released her acclaimed album, Jubilee, performed a slew of festivals, and published her poignant memoir, Crying In H-Mart Last night (October 28), Japanese Breakfast, whose real name is Michelle Zauner, was surprised to find out her memoir was referenced as an answer in an episode of Jeopardy.

During the round, contestants were prompted, “Michelle Zauner writes about losing her Korean mother to cancer in her memoir Crying In this Asian grocery chain.”

A contestant named Sadie Goldberger replied, “What is H-Mart?”

Zauner caught wind of the Jeopardy nod, and took to Twitter to express her excitement.

“I’m dead!!!!!!!,” said the singer, instrumentalist, and author in a tweet.

Crying In H-Mart was published in April 0f 2021, however, in June of that year, it was announced that the book would be adapted into a movie. Back in March of this year, Zauner shared an update on the film with Consequence.

“So I actually just finished the first draft of the screenplay,” said Zauner. “My producers really like it, so hopefully the revision process won’t be too brutal. And yeah, hopefully that will come out sometime in the next couple years. I’m just playing a lot of festivals and being back on the road, and Crying in H Mart the movie [will arrive] maybe sometime in the next few years.”

Check out a clip from last night’s Jeopardy above.