Michelle Zauner Shares A Touching Post About Her Mother To Mark A Year Of ‘Crying In H Mart’

On April 20, 2021, almost a year ago today, Michelle Zauner (of Japanese Breakfast fame) released Crying In H Mart, her debut book that was a runaway success. It’s a vulnerable work, in which Zauner discusses her mother’s battle with cancer and eventual death. Now, as the book approaches its one-year anniversary, Zauner has taken a moment to share some thoughts on it and her mother.

In a tweet consisting of screenshots of her Instagram Story, Zauner starts with a screenshot of Crying In H Mart on the New York Times Bestsellers List and notes, “Next week my little book will have been out in the world for one whole year. And as of today it has spent 38 WEEKS on the @nytimes Bestsellers List [exploding head emoji].”

The next slide features a photo of Zauner’s mother and reads, “Thx for looking out for me 엄마,” with the Korean word translating to “mom.” The text continues, “I love this photo. I make this face all the time. This is the face I’m making rn thinking about how crazy it is that a book where I basically just unearthed our family’s greatest tragedies and tried to make sense of the wreckage has gone on to become this runaway bestseller.”

The next photo is of Zauner crying and she wrote, “And all the tears I cried and all the days I wanted to give up because I felt too stupid and sad to finish.” The final image is of a young Zauner and her mother, accompanied by the text, “And now the world has fallen in love with your character and cries for you too.”

Find Zauner’s post above.