An Evocative New Japanese Breakfast Song Soundtracks The ‘Sable’ E3 Trailer

Sable is one of the most talked-about upcoming games of this year’s Summer Game Fest and E3, and of course, it has a musical connection in Japanese Breakfast, who provides the game’s soundtrack. A new trailer for the game debuted during E3 over the weekend, and it’s soundtrack by a lovely new song called “Better The Mask.”

The game is set to launch on September 23 (on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC), and Japanese Breakfast’s soundtrack will be released on the same day. In case you missed it, Zauner performed another Sable soundtrack cut, “Glider,” at Summer Game Fest on Friday.

In a recent interview, Japanese Breakfast’s Mauner told Uproxx about her approach to creating the soundtrack, saying, “It’s a coming-of-age story, so my influences were super different for it. I was thinking a lot about Alan Menken and how he crafts this universal feeling and a song that everyone can relate to. That was actually a really lovely experience for me and took me to a very different place in my songwriting, because I feel like so much of what I do for Japanese Breakfast is rooted in specific detail. I was doing these broad strokes of human feeling, like, what’s it like to feel uncertain about the future? Or coming of age, or discovering what path do you want to pursue? Instead of filling it with all these kind of little details, you have to sort of do these broad strokes but also make it compelling. So that was really fun for me.”

She spoke more about the soundtrack during that conversation, so check it out here. Also take a look at our other recent (but more music-focused) interview with Zauner here.