Jason Isbell Admits He’s Considered Running For Political Office: ‘I’m Gonna Need About Another Ten Years’

Early yesterday morning, Jason Isbell was asked by a fan if he’d ever have any interest in running for office as election day had arrived. The country musician has frequently been vocal about his political stances and interactive on social media — so naturally, Isbell shared his answer. And the truth was: he had.

“I have considered it, but I’m gonna need about another ten years of study and I’d like our kid to be settled into her self before she has to deal with a politician parent,” he responded. “We’ll see if we still have a democracy in a decade.”

“I wouldn’t run for anything unless I knew every detail of the job in advance,” Isbell added.

Isbell, who is based in Nashville, has also supported a number of candidates over the years, including Alabama’s Democratic senator Doug Jones, Beto O’Rourke, and more. Last November, he even promised to drop a Texas cover album if O’Rourke had beaten Greg Abbott in this race. “If you need a singer for anything, you just call,” Isbell responded on O’Rourke’s announcement that he was running for Texas Governor.

“I know the people here, even the ones I strongly disagree with on personal and professional issues,” he told Billboard in 2020. “I know them and grew up around them, and I know what makes ’em happy and what makes ’em scared. With that in mind, I feel like it’s important to speak to those people and not ignore them and not try to hide in your own bubble.

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