Jean Dawson Unveils The Invigorating ‘Chaos Now*’ Single ‘Sick Of It*’

Jean Dawson’s album, aptly titled Chaos Now*, is just one week away, and the singles have been getting crazier with each release. So far there’s been “Pirate Radio*,” “Three Heads*,” and “Porn Acting*,” and today he’s back with the even bigger song “Sick Of It*.”

“Sick Of It*” leans into his eccentric edge, diving into hyper-pop and anthemic pop-punk. It bursts with noise that it almost sounds like being at a show and standing too close to the speakers; it doesn’t really matter because all you have to hear is the rhythm in order to dance along. It ends quickly and abruptly, serving as just a brief flash of invigorating mayhem.

Dawson is such an inventive, compelling force that he was one of Travis Barker’s key musical discoveries of 2020, according to our 2020 interview with the Blink-182 drummer: “He’s someone that’s really taking genres and throwing them all together and doing something different, in a time where so many people determine what their sound is gonna be like by whatever’s popular on the radio. And then you have a fresh breath of air like Jean Dawson. Like, thank God, you know?”

Listen to “Sick Of It*” above.

Chaos Now* is out 10/7 via P+.