John Mulaney Finally Feels Cool After The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas Gifted Him His Jacket

John Mulaney hosted SNL for the fourth time this weekend, which had the rare occurrence of falling on Halloween. The comedian shared the stage with The Strokes as the musical act, and while the night went off without a hitch, Mulaney’s favorite moment actually happened after the filming had wrapped. Recalling his experience with Seth Meyers on Late Night, Mulaney described how Julian Casablancas gave him his jacket and sunglasses as a parting gift.

Recounting the story, Mulaney described how he wasn’t expecting the gesture:

“It’s making me so happy. This is the coat that Julian Casablancas of The Strokes wore on stage on SNL on Saturday. When we were shooting promos, he had on a really cool Knicks jacket. I said, ‘That’s a cool jacket, I gotta get that jacket.’ I said that out loud — you know rock stars have clothes where you’re like, ‘I’m never in my life going to see those clothes. I’m never going to walk into the store where they sell those clothes.’ So, I said that out loud thinking maybe he’d tell me where he got that jacket. But that didn’t happen, that’s alright. After the show, he came into my dressing room and he was like, ‘So, you wanted jackets.’”

After standing up to give the camera the full effect of the jacket, Mulaney said, “There’s nothing I can do with this, but I enjoy it so much. It’s so meant for a lead singer.”

While Mulaney thought he looked ironically cool, Meyers didn’t quite agree. “It’s amazing how much younger the glasses make you,” Meyers quipped. “Because then you look like a kid in a teen movie who it’s his first time at a party.”

The comedian also captured to moment of the gift exchanged and shared it on social media. “At 1 am, when the night couldn’t possibly get any better, Julian gave me his trench that he wore onstage and I acted like I wasn’t crying,” he wrote.

Watch Mulaney relay the story to Seth Meyers above, around the 1:40-minute mark.