There’s Only One Musician Keanu Reeves Has Ever Asked For An Autograph

Keanu Reeves has long been one of the internet’s favorite celebrities, so now that he’s back on the talk show circuit promoting his new project, Matrix: Resurrections, he’s back to giving us a goldmine of information about his life. Which, we all want to know much more about, or at least I do! One thing Keanu fans might potentially be wondering: What kind of music does he like? Well, the actor revealed a little bit about his tastes in a late night interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

According to Keanu, he’s only ever asked for two celebrity autographs in his life, and only one of those was a musician. It may have been for a friend, but Keanu asked Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground to give him an autograph — and the notoriously grouchy Lou was very kind about it. “He was cool about it,” Reeves said. “It was a little piece of paper, and it was blue ink. And it just said ‘Lou Reed.’”

“It would have been really disappointing if it didn’t say ‘Lou Reed,’” Colbert joked. “I know,” Keanu mused. “But it could have said ‘all my best’ or… like, you know?” Hey, he’s not wrong! The other celebrity Keanu approached for a memento was George Carlin, who starred alongside keanu in BIll & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Carlin was slightly more grouchy than Lou in this case. “He wrote … I think it was, ‘Dear Keanu, F*ck you!’” the actor remembered. “I always thought he just wrote that for me. Then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them! Anyway, beautiful.”

Beautiful indeed. It’s also beautiful to imagine Keanu and his friend vibing out to The Velvet Underground. For now, he also let fans know the one song he would listen to for the rest of his life: “I’m gonna take Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Solid choice! Check out the interview clip above.