Former Members Of Krill Have Reunited As Knot And Shared Their Debut Single, ‘Foam’

Boston indie group Krill disbanded in 2015 after releasing a handful of albums and EPs. While Krill no longer officially exists, the three former members continue to make music together. Now, they’ve decided to team up for something more formal and take on another identity with the newly-minted group Knot. On Wednesday, Knot announced their debut album with the refined track “Foam.”

The new band features all three former members of Krill, along with the addition of Joe DeManuelle-Hall on guitar. Speaking on the new dynamic of Knot, vocalist Jonah Furman said in a statement that their new music coincides with a more mature era in their lives. “These songs are vaguely about deciding whether or not to have kids, whereas Krill songs were vaguely about deciding what to do with your life,” Furman said, adding: “In general, I think the project was less masterminded than Krill, and more open to itself becoming whatever it might become… I think that’s felt, in some way, in the actual music, but hard to articulate.”

Listen to “Foam” above and find the tracklist to Knot’s self-titled album below.

1. “Fallow”
2. “Foam”
3. “I Live In Fear”
4. “Horse Trotting, The Feet Not Touching The Ground”
5. “The World”
6. “Justice”
7. “Rust”
8. “Orange”
9. “Space And Time”

Knot is out 8/28 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.