Dogleg Helps Geoff Rickly Craft A ‘Cinematic’ Playlist On The New Episode Of ‘Making A Mixtape’

Here we are again, looking for things to listen to and fill the time. With digital streaming platforms, we have all of the music in the world at our fingertips, but still can’t seem to figure out exactly what we want to hear. Lucky for all of us, Geoff Rickly is here to help with Making A Mixtape, the new video offering from Uproxx’s Indie Mixtape. As the singer for the post-hardcore band Thursday, Rickly has a unique and experienced perspective on what it takes to craft an impactful mixtape.

After creating mixtapes with Cloud Nothings, Gordi, and Girlpool in our last season, Rickly is back with a new slate of friends to revisit the craft. First up on the docket is Alex Stoitsiadis, guitarist and vocalist of buzzy punk band Dogleg, who released Melee, one of 2020’s most beloved debuts earlier this year. Together, Stoitsiadis and Rickly create an epic “Cinematic” mixtape, pulling in all of the songs that make you feel like your life is a movie.

Check out the fourth episode of Making A Mixtape above and follow the “Cinematic” playlist below.

The Cure — “Plainsong”
Charly Bliss — “Heaven”
Mitski — “Your Best American Girl”
Dogleg — “Wartortle”
Young Jesus — “River”
The Microphones — “Glow, Pt. 2”
Elliott Smith — “Twilight”