Nilüfer Yanya Unveiled A New Song During Her Electrifying At-Home Tiny Desk Concert

Nilüfer Yanya was last seen in NPR’s DC studios for a Tiny Desk concert last September and now the singer has returned to the series once again, this time from the comfort of her home. During her performance, Yanya gave renditions of tracks from her 2019 debut album Miss Universe, unveiled an unreleased song, and shared a poignant statement about racial injustice.

Armed with a bubblegum pink electric guitar, Yanya opened her performance by sharing the fan-favorite “Heat Rises.” The singer then moved into a rendition of “Paralyzed,” a song she has never played live before. Ahead of closing the concert with “Heavyweight Champion Of The Year,” the singer unveiled the brand-new track “Day 7.”

Along with performing her music, Yanya paused the show to share a statement about racial injustice in light of recent protests across the US and the world. “One of the things that’s been on my mind recently a lot is the racism and violence and injustice going on towards Black people and people of color,” Yanya said. “Not only in America, but here in the UK and all over the world. As a person of mixed heritage, this is an issue is something very close to my heart. I see the people being hurt as my family and my friends. I urge you to see it the same way. I think that’s the only way we can work towards solving it.”

Watch Nilüfer Yanya’s at-home Tiny Desk concert above.

Miss Universe is out now via ATO. Get it here.