The Right Is Coming After Pink Floyd For A ‘Woke Rainbow’ In Their ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Anniversary Imagery, Which, You Know, Has Been There For 50 Years

March 1 this year will mark the 50th anniversary of one of the most celebrated albums in the history of recorded music. Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side Of The Moon is not only one of rock’s most critically hailed collections of music, it’s also one of the most commercially successful rock album ever.

It’s been certified 14x platinum in the English rock band’s home country, preserved in the US National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, and basically laid the blueprint for psych/prog rock. The album’s cover even graces t-shirts widely available at every Target in the country. Which is why a new kerfuffle regarding the band’s anniversary imagery is so… I’m gonna go with “baffling,” although “concerning,” “infuriating,” and “hilarious” also came to mind.

Over on Facebook, the band changed its profile pic to a minimalist representation of the prism from the cover with a 50 inside of it. The zero is filled with the spectrum of light, which of course, presents as a rainbow. But somehow, conservative followers of the band (presumably, they could just be trolls on the prowl) have misinterpreted it as the rainbow flag of the gay pride movement and they are big mad in the comments.

Considering the popularity of The Dark Side Of The Moon — again, I am the hip-hop editor of and I still know that album back to front, to say nothing of its nearly ubiquitous cover art — this may very well be the worst case of Fox News brain poisoning we’ve seen yet. And that’s saying something, considering these people’s sociopathic rejection of basic safety measures in a pandemic that we’re still in.

Maybe these people are just doing a bit and we all missed the joke, but all that says is we’ve reached the point where parody is practically impossible. Thankfully, the band themselves won’t let a little thing like a public backlash stop them from staying true to their beliefs. Even if, in this case, the only belief is that prisms, spectrums, and the wonders of the physical world are pretty damn cool and fun to look at.