45 Things To Love About Pink Floyd’s Prog Rock Masterpiece ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’

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03.01.18 5 Comments


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It’s hard to account for the sustained cultural relevance of Pink Floyd’s 1973 album Dark Side Of The Moon. It’s certainly not enough to say that it’s “good.” Lots of albums are good and yet eventually fade into the margins of history, supplanted by newer, shinier offerings. Dark Side, however, remains a rite of passage for millions of adolescents to whom it is passed down with sly smiles from elder siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins or close friends.

Everyone awakens to the album differently. Perhaps like me, your local planetarium rigs up the hi-fi sound system, busts out the lasers, you smoke a bowl in your friend’s beat up Honda Civic in the parking lot and have your mind thoroughly and blissfully shattered into a million tiny pieces as the alarm bells from “Time” bash at your cerebral cortex. Dark Side Of The Moon is much bigger than an album. It’s an experience.

“Philosophically it holds an appeal to each successive generation because it feels like it gives you permission to question things, maybe, which is something that is very appealing to us as we hit puberty and drift beyond it into real life,” Roger Waters told Billboard. “Contemplating the fundamental questions about the reality of what it is to be a human being is actually fun, in my view.”

To properly celebrate Dark Side Of The Moon’s 45th anniversary, I thought I might run through the 45 different things I love one of the most durable, immersive albums of its era.

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