Quinton Brock Expresses Fear Of Himself In The Revelatory ‘My Shadow’

Quinton Brock addresses a fear that many people may not speak on too often in his new record — the fear of himself, but more specifically, his shadow. “My Shadow” is an energetic indie-pop record that is as introspective as it is an outpouring of vulnerabilities. His voice yields heavy emotions throughout the one-minute, 49-second track, balancing strong delivery with punctuated messaging. There is always some form of darkness following everyone, and the inability to escape it is horror-inducing. Through it all, he makes it sound beautiful.

“My Shadow” arrives alongside Brock’s announcement that his debut album, My Shadow, will arrive on July 8 via Shadow Panther. He has been all over social media expressing his excitement for this moment, even going so far as to say he will “change rock music forever” in all capital letters.

Though the statement is bold, the talent level matches the confidence as, leading into this release, he has dropped off the tracks “To The Moon,” “There For You,” and “Touch.” The Buffalo artist has captured the ears of many with the aforementioned records as he provides indie, rock, and pop flavor. Brock is looking to do the same with his introductory LP.

Check out Quinton Brock’s “My Shadow” above.