Quinton Brock Transforms Insults Into A Staggering Anthem In His Cathartic ‘To The Moon’

Quinton Brock is ready for his break-out moment. With his new single “To The Moon,” the New York-based musician weaves punk rock influences with shimmering melodies and is on a self-proclaimed journey to begin “changing rock music forever.”

“To The Moon” was born out of a particularly tumultuous time for the musician. Within days of each other, Brock’s beloved dog passed away and his girlfriend broke up with him, comparing him to a dog as a hurtful insult. Rather than wallow in the painful emotions, Brock turned to music as a cathartic outlet and created “To The Moon” as a result.

While the pandemic lockdown altered many of the artist’s musical aspirations, he’s still pushing through with his new sound. Debuting the track Wednesday, Brock took to Twitter to remind fans that this is only the beginning and signal that there’s more music in the pipeline.

While Brock is ready for a new era with the single, this is far from his first project. The musician already has two albums under his belt, including one with his short-lived band The Get Money Squad. Creative differences led to his band’s split, but also paved the way for Brock to shine in his new role as a solo artist.

Watch Brock’s “To The Moon” video above.