The xx’s Romy Revealed That Her ‘Club-Inspired’ Solo Album Is ‘Very Close To Being Finished’

Romy, The xx’s vocalist and guitarist, recently opened up about the status of her forthcoming debut album as a solo artist, after releasing her first single, “Lifetime,” in September 2020.

During a new appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Romy performed covers of Stormzy’s “Firebabe” and Harry Styles’ “As It Was.” She also offered her fans some hope that the record is finally closer to being on the horizon.

“It is actually, and I can say this now, very close to being finished,” she said. “And it took a bit longer than I thought, and thank you for being patient.” The singer also revealed that she was “glad we took our time” on crafting it.

However, it might not come out this year, despite the fact that that’s Romy’s current goal.

“I mean, yeah, I really hope so,” she added in the interview. “That’s not in my control, but I’m really excited and it’s been really fun working with the people I’ve worked with on it. And I’m excited for people to hear it.”

As for the future of The xx, she spent time with her fellow bandmates over the holiday break to start writing some new music. The group’s last album was 2017’s I See You, save for a deluxe reissue of Coexist last year.

“There’s so much love there. It’s been really fun to do some new stuff and learn and have a new experiences like this,” Romy concluded.