Ryan Reynolds Got Fellow Canadian Icons Nickelback To Cover A Song From His Movie ‘Spirited’

Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Octavia Spencer put their stamp on this holiday season with Spirited, their new Christmas Carol-inspired movie that debuted on Apple TV+ on November 11. Just before Christmas itself came and went, Reynolds celebrated the movie’s success with help from another famed Canadian cultural export: Nickelback, who he recruited to cover the song “Unredeemable” from the movie.

In the video shared on December 23, Reynolds introduces the performance with a simple self-shot phone video in which he explains, “Hi there. Will , Octavia, and I want to thank everyone who’s made Spirited the most-watched movie ever on Apple TV+. That’s crazy. A turning point in our film is the song ‘Unredeemable.’ It’s an emotional anthem about whether humanity can overcome our mistakes, and I hope we can. So, merry Christmas, everyone, and let’s be kind to each other. Also, ladies and gentlemen: Nickelback.”

From there, the band emerges and performs the song (their cover is dubbed “Unredeemable (Redeemable Version)”) in a performance space flooded with hanging lights. Their rendition is delivered in their signature alternative rock, gruff-voiced style that’s unmistakably Nickelback. At the very end, Chad Kroeger nods to the band’s classic “Photograph” video by holding up and pointing to a framed picture of Reynolds and Ferrell.

Check out the “Unredeemable (Redeemable Version)” video above.