Sad13 Announces Her New Album, ‘Haunted Painting,’ With ‘Ghost (Of A Good Time)’

Sadie Dupuis may be best known for leading Speedy Ortiz, but don’t forget that she’s done some great solo work as Sad13 as well. She dropped her solo debut, Slugger, in 2016, and four years later, she is back with its follow-up. Dupuis announced her next Sad13 album, Haunted Painting, with its lead single, “Ghost (Of A Good Time).”

Dupuis calls the song a “party song about not going out,” with press materials adding that the track is “an oddball dance anthem for the introverts and anti-nostalgists among us, inspired by a recent Bushwick basement show with a 1 a.m. start-time she would have tolerated a decade ago.”

Dupuis said of the album, “I worked on Haunted Painting throughout 2019, writing, arranging and recording from home, then finishing the songs in studios around the country in between Speedy’s fly-in dates. It’s maximalist, and more true to me and my tastes than any record I’ve done.”

Watch the “Ghost Of A Good Time” video above, and check out the Haunted Painting art and tracklist below.

Wax Nine

1. “Into The Catacombs”
2. “WTD?”
3. “Hysterical”
4. “Ghost (Of A Good Time)”
5. “Oops…!”
6. “Good Grief”
7. “Ruby Wand”
8. “With Baby”
9. “The Crow”
10. “Take Care”
11. “Market Hotel”

Haunted Painting is out 9/25 via Wax Nine. Pre-order it here.