Shamir Gives His Fans What They Want And Drops A Video For The Creepy Favorite ‘Diet’

Artists tend to release singles partially because the songs they choose are the ones they think fans will like the most. Sometimes, though, non-singles become fan favorites. That happened with “Diet” from Shamir’s 2020 self-titled album. He didn’t release the song as a single, and yet it’s one of the most-streamed songs from the release. So now, Shamir has given the people what they want and released a video for “Diet.”

The clip is a simple one, showing Shamir in various outfits singing the song in various locations. He sings on the creepy chorus, “And I just wanna see his insides / And the colors they could be / And maybe taste his blood because I always wanted to try it / But I won’t let it become part of my diet.”

Shamir says of the song and video, “The origin of the song is pretty dark, taking inspiration from the film ‘My Friend Dahmer’. But the deeper meaning of the song is less about the gore or even Jeffrey Dahmer and more about the battle we all have with our darker urges and/or neurosis that tend to appear during our adolescence/pubescent years and how that plays a part in developing our moral compass. The video was filmed in different locations around Lake Tahoe in my home state of Nevada.”

Watch the “Diet” video above.