Squirrel Flower Announces The Post-Apocalyptic New Album ‘Planet (i)’ With ‘Hurt A Fly’

Squirrel Flower isn’t too far removed from her debut Polyvinyl album, I Was Born Swimming, which came out last year. She’s already prepared to follow that album up, though, as she has announced a new record, Planet (i), which is set for release on June 25.

This news comes with a new single, a mid-tempo alt-rocker called “Hurt A Fly.” Squirrel Flower says of the tune:

“‘Hurt A Fly’ is me embodying a persona of gaslighting, narcissistic soft-boy type sh*t. The classic ‘sorry I acted violently, I’m not mad that you got upset at me, wanna hang out next week?’ I wanted to see what it was like to be a character trying to skirt around accountability. It’s an angry and unhinged song, and for the video I wanted to be inside a bubble writhing around and trying to get out. A stranger filmed me practicing choreography at a public park, submitted it to a meme page making fun of ‘influencers,’ and the video got 1,000,000 views, which in my mind is perfect thematically.”

Press materials note the album is titled after a “made-up name for the new planet people will inevitably settle and destroy after leaving Earth, as well as the universe imagined within her music” and that the record is “a love letter to disaster in every form imaginable.”

Watch the “Hurt A Fly” video above and and check out the Planet (i) art and tracklist below. Also revisit our Indie Mixtape 20 interview with Squirrel Flower from last year here.


1. “I’ll Go Running”
2. “Hurt A Fly”
3. “Deluge In The South”
4. “Big Beast”
5. “Roadkill”
6. “Iowa 146”
7. “Pass”
8. “Flames And Flat Tires”
9. “To Be Forgotten”
10. “Desert Wildflowers”
11. “Night”
12. “Starshine”

Planet (i) is out 6/25 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.