Stephen Colbert Campaigns For St. Vincent, A Dallas Native, To Play The National Anthem At A Cowboys Game

St. Vincent is about as accomplished as musicians come. She’s won Grammys, had a top-10 album with Masseduction, earned critical acclaim, and the list goes on. One thing she hasn’t yet managed to do, though, is perform the National Anthem at a Dallas Cowboys game, despite her popularity, the fact that she’s from Dallas, and the fact that she’s tried multiple times to book that gig.

Well, Annie Clark is currently in the middle of a residency sitting in with The Late Show house band and on last night’s episode, Stephen Colbert threw his weight behind the campaign to get Clark to play “The Star-Spangled Banner” at AT&T Stadium.

During the show, Colbert took a few minutes to chat with Clark, noting that she’s from Dallas. She said she gets back to the city often because she has family there, and that there’s a bit of a “sibling rivalry” between Dallas and Austin. Eventually the conversation got to the Cowboys, with Clark noting she last followed the team in 1994. Colbert asked if she had ever sung the National Anthem at a Cowboys game and she answered, “No, but I’ve been trying to,” adding, “They have never taken me up on my offer.”

That got a sympathetic reaction from the crowd, so Colbert looked right down the barrel of the camera and addressed the NFL team directly, saying, “Cowboys: You’re passing up an enormous opportunity here. You can save money because she can accompany herself on the guitar, and if you don’t let her do this, she’s going to go off and sing the National Anthem for whatever Austin’s football team is.”

Check out the segment above.