Talker’s Perfect Mannequin Boyfriend Isn’t What He Seems In Her Upbeat ‘Don’t Want You To Love Me’ Video

LA-based artist Celeste Tauchar is the mastermind behind the new project Talker. After gaining momentum with the singles “Sad Chick” and “Summerlin,” Tauchar returns with the sizzling tune “Don’t Want You To Love Me” and to announce the debut EP, In Awe Of Insignificance.

Directed by Chanel Samson, Talker’s “Don’t Want You To Love Me” video shows Tauchar hoping that a mannequin will stand in the place of the perfect boyfriend. She dresses him up at the for a disco dance party and even creates a picnic in the back yard. But she eventually realizes that even a the plastic man isn’t a stand-in for the one she really wants to be with.

Speaking about the new track in a statement, Tauchar says she was inspired by the unfortunately all-too-familiar feeling of someone not feeling the same way as you do about them:

“When your past shows up to haunt you, you have to decide if you’re going to open the door. And when someone comes back, you have to weigh the options and decide if you’re willing to put yourself through the ringer again for them. It’s easy to just block anything that knocks you off your course. A classic he loves me/he loves me not/will they/won’t they – but sometimes you have to silence your rational thoughts and trust your emotions. This song is me doing exactly that.”

Watch Talker’s “Don’t Want You To Love Me” video above and find her In Awe Of Insignificance EP cover art and tracklist below.

Talker In Awe Of Insignificance EP
WeHearNoise Records

1. “Don’t Want You To Love Me”
2. “Sad Chick”
3. “My Meds”
4. “For The Sake Of It”
5. “Summerlin”
6. “IRL”
7. “Growing Up”
8. “Little Bird”

In Awe Of Insignificance is out 3/25 via WeHearNoise Records.