The Cure’s Robert Smith Continues His Ticketmaster Battle, As Thousands Of ‘Scalped Tickets’ Get Canceled

The Cure’s Robert Smith is continuing his crusade against Ticketmaster. The longtime musician successfully got the company to give fans a partial refund, but he’s continued to criticize their face value policies, Smith has also pushed for his tickets to wind up in the hands of genuine fans.

His latest move has resulted in about 7,000 scalped tickets being canceled and resold for a fair price. The original fees will benefit the Amnesty International charity.

“Approx 7k tickets across approx 2200 orders have been cancelled. These are tickets acquired with fake accounts / listed on secondary resale sites,” he tweeted.

“A weekend thought… This ongoing TM ‘conversation’ is not taking place in a vacuum… The system that values profit over people is really what needs to be changed… X,” Smith added.

Earlier this week, Smith also warned against those “offering to sell/send account login details to get around TM transfer limitations… any/all tickets obtained in this way will be canceled, and original fees paid on those tickets will not be refunded.”

Some fans pointed out that Ticketmaster’s Fan Support is encouraging them to do just that, which just seems to cause more confusion — especially for fans who aren’t reselling and just want their guests to go. Others pointed out screenshots from Reddit of fans getting their tickets canceled completely.

Smith will embark on his first North American run in years with the Songs Of A Lost World Tour, which kicks off on May 10 and will run through early June. More information, along with a complete list of dates, is available here.