The Linda Lindas Come Full Circle With Their NPR Tiny Desk Performance By Returning To The Library

Something that brought excitement to the online sphere while we were all stuck in quarantine last year was a viral video of the young band The Linda Lindas performing striking punk anthems in the Los Angeles Public Library. “A little while before we went into lockdown, a boy in my class came up to me and said that his dad told him to stay away from Chinese people,” drummer Mila de la Garza said. “After I told him that I was Chinese he backed away from me. Eloise and I wrote this song based on that experience.” They then launched into the heavy, powerful “Racist, Sexist Boy.”

Since then, they’ve brought songs to late-night television, announced that they were going on tour with Jawbreaker, and released an album on major rock label Epitaph. Today, they’ve come full circle by sharing an attention-grabbing performance on NPR as part of the Tiny Desk Series; however, because of the pandemic, they chose their own location — and where else would they pick than the Los Angeles Public Library? This time, the band is a little older and they have wholesome, silly banter in between songs. The chemistry between each of them is evident; there is not just one person leading the group, but all of them propelling it forward together.

Watch the impressive performance above.