Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins Said He ‘Saw Tommy Lee’s Penis Before I Ever Heard’ Motley Crüe

A scene in the fifth episode of Hulu’s buzzy Pam & Tommy show depicted Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee kicking Third Eye Blind out of a recording studio. Trouble is, according to Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins, this scene is entirely fictionalized and the encounter never even happened.

“Hey! Who the f*ck are you guys?” Tommy Lee (played by Sebastian Stan) says storming into the studio. “Third Eye Blind,” responds Stephan Jenkins (played by Jeffrey Conway.) Lee then leans back on the control room glass and says “Well I’ve got bad news for you, Third Eye Blind. Studio A is Mötley Crüe room” and lights up a cigarette.

Jenkins’s character tells Lee that the band was booked there for six weeks and it was set up by the label that they both shared, Elektra. It’s a hilarious portrayal of the pompous Tommy Lee in the Crüe’s heyday, at the expense of Third Eye Blind. But Jenkins tells Variety, that this indeed never happened:

“Mötley Crüe and I’ve never been in the same studio. I recorded my whole first album in Northern California. So we were across the state from each other at the very least.”

“I had never, in fact, listened to Mötley Crüe. I never even heard them. I actually saw Tommy Lee’s penis before I ever heard their band. I was like, ‘Well, good on ya, Tommy. Well done, lad.’ I literally had never heard them. But I somehow saw the sex tape. I’d also never seen ‘Baywatch.’ So I had never seen Pam or Tommy. That was my first introduction to them.”

You can’t help but laugh at how Jenkins says he “somehow” saw the sex tape. Heck, everybody in 1995 was trying to get their eyes on it, we get it. Jenkins, who said he hadn’t even seen the scene yet and didn’t know which actor played his role, asked Variety’s Michael Schneider if Tom Hardy portrayed him. Wishful thinking, but understandable.