We’ve All Been This Guy Who Was Caught Drunkenly Singing Third Eye Blind

Poor John here gets caught in the act of having a good time in his bedroom. No, not with his pants down, but something much: singing Third Eye Blind. Topher Sheppard uploaded this clip after his friend had a few too many and managed to catch him singing Blind’s “Slow Motion.” Singing is a stretch, but I don’t want to call it wailing either.

That’s a pretty embarrassing tune to belt out, especially when your voice isn’t up for it, but who cares. He’s having a good time. The headline says it all, we’ve all been there. I have been this guy on many occasions. If there’s vomit all over your bathroom and couch, I’m a sorry, It was probably my fault.

Keep singing, pal. Here’s some Sugar Ray records to move to next. Unless this is a fake, then you’ll be getting nothing by Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” on repeat.

(Via Topher Sheppard / Daily Dot)