Tom Hiddleston Makes His Debut ‘Billboard’ Chart Appearance Thanks To A ‘Loki’ Song

The third episode of the Loki series features Tom Hiddleston singing a song called “Very Full,” which was released as a single. Now, the track has helped Hiddleston reach a new level of musical success: On the latest Billboard charts, Hiddleston makes his debut appearance, as “Very Full” debuts at No. 10 on the World Digital Song Sales chart.

Fans have figured out that his non-English lyrics in the song are Norwegian, and they translate roughly (via Google Translate) to, “But the trees dance and the waterfalls stop / When she sings, she sings, ‘come home’ / But the trees dance and the waterfalls stop.”

The Billboard charts aren’t the only new frontier that Loki is set to explore, as it was announced in June that he will be making an appearance as a new playable character in Fortnite.

This isn’t the first time Hiddleston has shown off his vocal abilities. Most notably, he played country music legend Hank Williams in the 2015 biopic I Saw The Light and did all his own singing, including on the movie’s soundtrack album. Williams’ grandson, Hank Williams III, wasn’t a fan of Hiddleston’s singing, though, saying, “You got no soul or moan in your voice.”

Listen to “Very Full” below.