Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Was Mistaken For A ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member And He Played Along

For celebrities, getting recognized by fans in the street is a common occurrence (unless you’re Tony Hawk and people only sort of recognize you). There are also instances that celebrities get confused with other celebrities, like the time ESPN got dragged for confusing Future and 2Chainz on Instagram. But Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has perhaps the best story about mistaken celebrity identity and it involves a bus tour and the 2010s MTV show Jersey Shore.

Morello shared the hilarious story on Twitter. A few days ago, the musician was on a hike when a Hollywood tour van stopped him. Apparently, the driver thought he was a member of the Jersey Shore cast. Instead of clarifying that he is actually a Grammy Award-winning musician and not a meme-worthy reality TV star, Morello decided to play along with the entire ordeal. He even let the people on the tour take pictures of him.

“I was hiking today when one of those ‘Hollywood Tours Of The Stars Homes’ vans pulled up,” Morello said on Twitter. “The driver says on the bullhorn ‘Hey I recognize you from somewhere! Are you one of those Jersey Shore guys??’ I reply, ‘Absolutely.’ And everyone in the van took a photo.”