These Trump ‘MAGA’ T-Shirts Spotted At The Jersey Shore Are Really … Something Else

07.22.19 1 month ago

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Anyone with a passing familiarity with the Jersey Shore — thanks in part to the MTV reality series of the same name — knows that it doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being, uh, a bastion of good taste. That’s not true of the entire Garden State coastline, of course, because for every Wildwood or Seaside Heights there’s a Cape May or Stone Harbor.

It’s the various boardwalks of the Jersey shore, however, that can run especially seedy, and it should come as little surprise that these places are particularly thriving in the age of the Donald Trump presidency. Case in point, over the weekend, Comedy Central Director of News & Stand-Up Nick Dyer tweeted some photos of MAGA and Trump t-shirts he encountered somewhere along the Jersey Shore.

“The MAGA shirts at the Jersey shore this year are a sight to behold,” he wrote, accompanied by the offending photos — which included anything from outlandish slogans to straight-up violent rhetoric.

One shirt featured a muscled illustration of Trump lifting a large barbell with the slogan “DONALD PUMP” (made all the more hilarious given the president’s aversion to exercise) while others boasted things like ‘THESE COLORS DON’T RUN, THEY RELOAD” and “STOMP MY FLAG I’LL STOMP YOUR ASS.”

Charming. Dyer followed up with some additional photos — one with a “clever” take on the LGBTQ acronym and more bile.

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