Wet Leg’s ‘Angelica’ Taps Back Into What Makes Them One Of Indie’s Buzziest Bands

Wet Leg might be the buzziest indie band in the world right now. The charmingly cynical UK post-punk duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, has seemed to have found lightning in a bottle with their music. Today, they dropped “Angelica,” the fifth single ahead of the April 8th release of their self-titled debut album.

In a similar catchy, quirky, and witty mold as tracks like “Chaise Lounge” and “Wet Dream,” “Angelica” offers up more lyrics that make you smirk. A harmonious cacophony of guitars and drums are preceded by “I don’t want to follow you on the ‘gram, I don’t want to listen to your band. I don’t know why I haven’t left yet? Don’t want none of this.”

“It’s laced with disenchantment,” Chambers says of the song in a statement. “Even though the chorus is ‘good times, all the time.’ That’s just impossible, isn’t it?” There’s something so carefree and off-the-cuff about the Isle of Wight duo’s songwriting that has made all of their tunes thus far wildly approachable and relatable. “Part of making music is just learning to put things down, to say things are done,” she recently told Uproxx. “Some things are done straight away and it’s obvious, and some things are done and you’re not satisfied with them, but that’s okay. They’re still done. It is what it is. Move on.”

Wet Leg have also beefed up their previously sold out US tour dates with some venue expansions and additional dates. Check them all out here.

Watch the video for “Angelica” above.

Wet Leg is out 4/8 via Domino Records.