Jeff Tweedy Says Wilco Are In The Studio ‘Chipping Away’ At A New Album

Wilco is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week, the band announced a limited run of shows in New York City and Chicago to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the decidedly perfect album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Shortly thereafter, singer Jeff Tweedy took to his very active Starship Casual Substack newsletter to tease that a new Wilco album is on the horizon.

In one of Tweedy’s “Chit Chat Check-In” recordings on the multimedia newsletter, he first apologized for not being as active on Starship Casual over the past week or so. But quickly explained why:

“It’s almost entirely because I’ve been in the studio with Wilco making some new music, chipping away at a new record. It’s been very, very fun and exciting and we’re having a great time. Next time we should be able to get back to some normal correspondence. If I can get everyone in the Wilco braintrust on board, maybe I’ll share a snippet of a work in progress or something like that over the weekend behind the paywall.”

First of all, it’s incredibly endearing for Tweedy to feel the need to apologize for taking a brief hiatus from updating his newsletter. But that qualifies as a pretty excellent excuse for Wilco fans. he also explained that he and Tom Waits recently covered a Tom Waits song “behind the paywall,” of the newsletter’s subscription tier. The audio referenced above is not behind the paywall however and can be heard here.

via Consequence.