Does A New Study Say You Can ‘Drink Booze And Live To Be 90’?

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02.20.18 2 Comments

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Drinking is good for you! Or maybe not! Or maybe it is! Nobody seems to know. But that doesn’t stop the headline editors of the world from rolling with it being better for you than working out, because that’s just such an attention-grabber:

Tech Times


Chicago Tribune

But that’s not quite what’s going on. The study referenced, the 90+ Study, isn’t saying that you should ditch the yoga class and pop a brewski instead. What they are saying is that there are some interesting, significant parallels between longevity over the age of 75 and certain behaviors. In fact, it might make more sense to do the yoga class, and then have that beer.

The catch is that nobody knows why, and furthermore, the same study hints that you may not want to get that old in the first place. Some details from the study:

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