Cheers To These Totally Contradictory Alcohol Studies

04.10.17 2 years ago

It seems like every week there’s a new important study on alcohol which manages to contradict all of the old important studies that came before it. Take for example a study released earlier this month in Psychopharmacology that says that people who drink alcohol after seeing a crime occur are more likely to remember what happened than sober people. Does that mean the drunker you are the more you remember? It’s similar to a scene from the comedy romp Beerfest — in which one of the characters needs to be plastered in order to remember how to get to the aforementioned Beerfest, because the first time he went there he was blitzed. (Or, in a more grim example, the book The Girl on the Train).

If history tells us anything, this study will likely eventually be proven wrong. So, before we take these findings as the gospel truth, let’s take a look at some other alcohol popular alcohol studies that were soon refuted by other booze-based findings.



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