There Is Now A Code-Drink If You’re Feeling Unsafe On A Tinder Date


Dating has changed quite a bit over the past decade. We are living in an era when it isn’t uncommon to find your mate (or fling) on,, Tinder, or any number of dating apps. All good. New times call for new methods.

The only problem is that not everyone using dating apps is really who they say they are (not everyone you meet at a bar is either). Usually, someone is merely over exaggerating a job, income, or hobbies (who really goes rock climbing?). But, sometimes the person on the dating profile doesn’t remotely resemble the person in real life. Sometimes, the lies feel… sinister.

Fact is, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. How, if you feel threatened, do you alert the bar or restaurant staff without letting your date and creating huge akwardness? All you have to do is order an “Angel Shot.” This secret code drink has recently gone viral as a way for women to remove themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

Posters explaining the drink and its ramifications have been seen all over the country and as far away as South Africa.

According to the posters seen at Hooters (yes, Hooters can still advocate for women’s safety) and other establishments, ordering the “Angel” or “Angela” neat means that you would like someone to escort you to your car, ordering it with ice will alert the staff to call an Uber for you, and ordering the drink with lime means that you are in danger and staff should call the police.

This is definitely not something to joke around with. Just because your date has visible hair plugs or is closer to 5 foot 2 than 6 foot 2, doesn’t mean you should order this drink. Making this order should be your worst case scenario. It’s a bail out, when a situation gives you a genuinely bad vibe.

In a world where people can easily pretend to be someone else online, it’s good to know that some businesses care more about the safety of their patrons than making money.