An Oblivious Uber Driver Awkwardly Told Former Texas Coach Mack Brown That He Was Bad At His Job

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Mack Brown went 158-48 in 16 years as the head coach at Texas. It’s really, really hard to argue that he’s anything other than a good football coach, even if his final four years in Austin kind of went off the rails.

In fact, you’d think after what happened with now-former Longhorns coach Charlie Strong, Texas fans would love to have someone with the resume that Brown had in charge. Well, as it turns out, that’s not necessarily the case. Brown, who now is an analyst for ESPN, was in an Uber with one of his co-workers, Adam Amin. What happened next was one of the more awkward conversations you’ll ever read between an Uber driver and a passenger (this is admittedly a bold statement, but it’s bad).

Everyone has had at least one bad experience with an Uber driver. It happens. But for a driver to straight up insult a person’s ability to do the thing they love while they’re in the car, that’s extra bad. Poor Mack is just this nice 65-year-old dude from Tennessee who won a national title in Austin but this Longhorn fan still (unknowingly) badmouthed him to his face. Hopefully Tom Herman doesn’t have to deal with this nonsense, because man, there probably isn’t a word in the English language to sum up the awkwardness of this exchange.

In the most obvious outcome to this story, Amin gave the driver a rating. You can guess what it was.

I mean, that was obvious. Maybe Brown should stick to planes when he has to travel.